21 July 2014

Marilyn Monroe Hair & Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial is both a request and remake of a sort as I'd done a Marilyn tutorial last summer, but took it down a few months ago as I didn't think it was really up to scratch. Much happier with how it's turned out the second time round. Hope you enjoy!


20 July 2014

Lace and Denim

Top from Sirens | Thrifted Shorts | Thrifted Belt | Heels from Urban Behaviour | Necklace C/O Golden Eight

During the hot parts of summer, I tend to do two things in regards to fashion. On one hand, I experiment a bit more with different looks and outfits. On the other hand, I fall back on old staple looks that I wear nearly every summer. The lace top + denim shorts combination is one of those looks. I was looking through my old photos and found this look from June 2010 featuring, of course, a lace top and denim shorts. Although, I couldn't quite have gotten away with wearing tights during our little heatwave last week. 

So, for one of this summer's versions of this look, I opted for a lace tie-up top from Sirens and my old light wash denim shorts. For accessories, I wore a lovely crystal necklace from Golden Eight, a brown woven belt, and a pair of white pumps.


14 July 2014

Paint It Black

Top from Urban Behaviour | Trousers from Urban Behaviour | Vintage Clutch | Heels C/O Mart of China

All black in the summertime? Why not.


13 July 2014

Summer Thrift Haul

I haven't done one of these in ages but I always tend to thrift a bit more in the warmer months, so I thought I'd try filming a new thrift haul! I might do one more before the summer is over as this one went better than I'd anticipated. X


04 July 2014

There She Goes

Top from Sirens | Thrifted Jeans | Heels C/O Mart of China

This outfit is a little different from anything I've posted lately, but I always feel keen to experiment a bit during the warmer months. For this outfit, I paired a little black crop top from Sirens with a pair of thrifted light blue jeans and some studded fabulous heels for a slightly nineties inspired look!


30 June 2014

'Known as 'Pat Bay' to locals'

Not sure if you could really call this a ‘vlog’, but why don't we anyway. It’s really just a little video comprised of clips from a recent evening down at the beach. X

29 June 2014

Pin me up or put me down

Shirt C/O SheInside | Thrifted Shorts | Steve Madden Pumps

I don't have many 'rules' in regards to fashion. The one I do tend to stick to, however, is to dress for the weather. In the summer, that means not wearing overtly summery clothes on cold days (lest I spend the day feeling half-frozen) and trying to take advantage of the rare warm, summery days by wearing summery clothes (or at least things that can't be worn on those cool days).

For this outfit, I paired a black button down shirt from SheInside with a pair of denim shorts that I've had since I was in high school (though I styled them a bit differently back then!). I decided to forgo accessories and opted for simple black pumps to achieve the minimalistic that I was going for.


24 June 2014

Velvet and Tulle

Dress C/O Chicwish | Steve Madden Pumps

Unlike the dress in my last evening wear post, I've not yet had a chance to wear this dress outside of my house. Well, except for the time spent running around out in my garden one evening trying to convince my cat to come in for the night. The things my neighbours have seen and heard. Having lived in the countryside for years, I'm not entirely used to having next door neighbours and have somewhat carelessly continued to behave as though I still haven't. That aside, a girlfriend jokingly asked upon seeing this dress whether it made me feel like a princess. A princess with a massive unexplained bruise on her thigh, maybe.

This is the first in a series of two evening wear posts in collaboration with Chicwish.

17 June 2014


Reading on recommendation of my mother.

Rearranged one end of my dresser. The glassware, vase, and old perfume bottle are all second hand finds, I looove thrift shops!


A recent thrift shop find. An old cigarette tin (apparently the kind my late grandfather smoked way back when!).


15 June 2014

Honey, put on that party dress

Dress C/O Chicwish | Belt from Sirens | Coat from Dots | DIY Pumps

I may wear a lot of black, but that shouldn't be taken as a fear of bright colours! I'm just picky about bright colours. Red has been a favourite since I was little. I paired this gorgeous red party dress from Chicwish with a pair of heels that I glittered last December. I wore them for the first time to a political event the week before Christmas last year and a nice older lady complimented me on my 'sparkly Christmas, or Liberal, shoes'. Both, maybe. I debated whether or not to belt this dress for about twenty minutes and ultimately decided that I should. Trying to spend less time obsessing over minuscule things, not having much success yet. And because the nights are still chilly (despite it bloody nearly being summertime!), I opted for a little faux fur leopard print coat that I bought on sale for $5 earlier this year.

This is the first in a series of two evening wear posts in collaboration with Chicwish.

14 June 2014

Recipe | Coconut-Raspberry Squares

A few days ago, I felt like baking something that I hadn't made for a while and these coconut-raspberry squares came to mind quickly. This recipe is one of my old favourites, simple ingredients and simple to make! The original recipe, by Dreena Burton, can be found here. My ingredients and measurements are slightly different.


Bottom Layer:

1¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
½ cup all-purpose flour
2 tbsp sugar
¼ tsp sea salt
¼ cup almond milk
¼ cup maple syrup
½ tsp coconut extract
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
2 tbsp canola oil


1/2 cup raspberry jam

½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
¼ cup all-purpose flour
a couple of sprinkles of sea salt
1½ tbsp canola oil


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Then combine the milk, maple syrup, coconut and vanilla extracts in a separate bowl. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients in the larger bowl and add the canola oil, stirring until all the ingredients are well combined. The mixture will be fairly thick. Transfer this mixture to a lightly oiled 8" x 8" pan and spread it out evenly. Spread raspberry jam over the mixture. Now combine the topping ingredients, mixing with a spoon or fork and then working it into a crumbly mixture with your hands. Place in the oven and bake for about 30 minutes, until the topping appears golden-brown and the jam is bubbling a little bit. Once removed from the oven, allow to cool properly before cutting into pieces. I always cut this recipe into 16 small squares, but how you choose to divide it is up to you!

I've made these quite a few times when having girlfriends over for tea (they're brilliant for making on short notice as the recipe is so easy!) and they've always been well received. I always store whatever is left in the fridge or freezer, depending on how many squares are left and for how long I want to keep them.


13 June 2014

Little Black Dress

Just a little OOTD featuring one of my favourite summer-appropriate little black dresses!


12 June 2014

We Could Go Back to New York

Top from Urban Behaviour | Trousers from Sirens | Heels from Urban Behaviour | Vintage Clutch
Earrings C/O Chicwish | China Glaze Nail Polish in For Audrey | Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Kiss of Life

Not long ago my outfits for nights out consisted of sequins, short skirts, and platform heels (which may or may not have been covered in glitter). Smear on some long-wearing foundation, Amy Winehouse inspired eyeliner, maybe some pink lipstick and off we go. Nowadays, I tend to go for something a little more chic than showy.  

 I was browsing at a mall shop a few months ago and had found a top I loved only to find out it was the only one left and was about four sizes too large. Undeterred, I decided to purchase it anyway and resolved to find a way to style it. For this outfit, I paired it with a pair of simple black trousers and glittery black heels. I made use of a thrifted vintage clutch and a pair of sparkly little starburst-like earrings from Chicwish. As for lipstick and nail polish, I opted for two favourites -- Rimmel's Kiss of Life and China Glaze's For Audrey.


10 June 2014

The day's movin' just too fast for me

Jacket C/O ChicWish | Thrifted Blouse | Skirt from Forever 21 | Pumps from Urban Behaviour

 For this outfit, I paired a loose fitting army-style jacket with a pretty blouse that I tied at the waist, a fitted skirt and heels. I've always thought that mixing masculine and feminine pieces creates an interesting contrast and it's become one of my favourite things to do, fashion-wise!


04 June 2014

Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

As requested by a subscriber on Youtube, my Twiggy inspired makeup tutorial! I've been catching up on makeup tutorial requests lately and I had been asked about doing a Twiggy inspired one, so I thought I'd give it a shot! Above is the finished product, hope you all like how it turned out.


02 June 2014

Red and Black

A few years ago, I wore '50s inspired outfits quite often and while my personal style has changed over the years, I still really love that decade fashion-wise! From time to time, I still feel the desire to put together something inspired by that era, especially when the nicer weather comes. I had originally put this look together with a high waisted skirt, but changed my mind and opted for pedal pusher style trousers instead. I thought it helped to give the overall outfit a bit more of a casual feel.


27 May 2014

Rainy Day Women

Top from Suzy Shier | Skirt from Forever 21 | Belt from Sirens | Steve Madden Pumps | Bracelet C/O Chicwish 

It's not very often that I get dressed up, but whenever presented with an opportunity to do so I've always found it fun! For this look, I paired a draped blouse with a fitted pencil skirt from Forever 21. My mother picked this blouse up for me at a sale a couple of months ago and I've worn it to death, it's not something I would've picked out for myself but I absolutely love it. Funny how that works sometimes, isn't it? 

For accessories, I opted for a pretty little bracelet from Chicwish, skinny black belt, and red nails and lips (Butter London's Come To Bed Red and Rimmel's Kiss of Life, respectively.). As for shoes, I wore my trusted Madden pumps, which are sadly but unsurprisingly beginning to show how much they've been worn. Would it be strange to admit that I'm considering buying a new pair on eBay for when these ones are beyond hope? Because I'm thinking of doing just that. 


21 May 2014

I tried to be like Grace Kelly...

This was requested by a subscriber on Youtube a little bit ago. This is the first tutorial I’ve done since moving house and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. I’ve got another in mind that I’m hoping to film soon, but until then here is my little Grace Kelly tutorial! 

Title of this post is from, of course, Mika's 2006 song, Grace Kelly. I was utterly obsessed with this song back then. 


13 May 2014

Kind of Blue

Dress C/O SheInside | Heels from Urban Behaviour

When it comes to evening dresses, I usually would opt for black or red. Black is undeniably classic and sophisticated and red is bold and sensual. All good qualities for a evening gown. But with that said, and in the spirit of how things have been progressing of late, I decided I'd branch out and try something a little more unexpected. A bright blue lace gown from SheInside. With the sheer lace panelling and skirt, the dress feels modern but vintage inspired with its modest neckline and mermaid cut. I paired it with a pair of cheap glitzy heels and no accessories for a glam, but not over-the-top evening look.


27 April 2014

Strike another match, go start anew

It's been nearly a month now since moving house and I've not had much to say. On the internet, that is. In everyday life, on the other hand... I've had plenty to say, think about, and do. And let's just say that I've never related more to the lyric 'she's got dirty dishes on the brain' from Oasis's song Some Might Say.

The first night seemed especially strange. The thought that I couldn't ever go back swirled in my mind late that night as I shuffled boxes in my new bedroom.

I loved it there. I grew up there. It was home. The sometimes eccentric neighbours, smoky autumn weekends, and often intensely warm summers were all part and parcel. All part of what made it home. Leaving was difficult.

I suppose that's life. You can't always control circumstances, but you can choose the way in which you react to them. I really do believe that.

With that said, somewhere amidst the disarray that is moving house, a number of things became clearer to me. I now sometimes wonder how some of these things only ever crossed my mind in fleeting ways previously, and how I had missed some of them so completely.

One of the things I'm most curious about is how I'll look back at this point in my life. But for now, I'll be getting my life back together and sussing out my future plans near the ocean and ten minutes to the closest town.

While down at the beach recently, in search of an earring I had lost earlier in the day, an older fellow who was going for an afternoon stroll said hello. 'It's a gorgeous spot, isn't it?', he remarked. I agreed.