04 December 2014


Trenchcoat C/O Chicwish | Steve Madden Pumps

I've never written a proper winter fashion essentials post. There certainly are particular items that I would alwas associate with winter fashion, but who am I to say what is 'essential'? All I know is that if I was to write that sort of post, a coat like this longline trench from Chicwish would be on it. And probably a pair of black pumps, though I might be tempted to put those on any season's 'essential' list.


02 December 2014


Faux Fur Coat C/O Rosewe | Draped Blouse C/O SheInside | Leather Leggings from Sirens | Steve Madden Pumps

When it comes to outfits for evenings out, I often like to opt for a combination of glamourous and slightly grungy. I've been hanging onto a pair of faux leather leggings for a number of years which I rarely wear, I just haven't been able to wrap my head around wearing leather trousers or leggings casually. But seeing as the holiday party season is quickly approaching and I love the contrast of leather and shaggy faux fur, I thought I might get them out for a night. For this look, I ended up pairing them with said shaggy faux fur coat from Rosewe, a draped blouse from SheInside, and my old black pumps.


01 December 2014


Faux Fur Coat C/O Chicwish | Marilyn Monroe Intimates Bodysuit | Trousers from Urban Behaviour | Matiko Pumps C/O Shopbop

The first bit of snow fell on Friday night. Winter is unofficially here and my space heater has stopped working just in time. Not to worry, however, because fur coats aren't just for nights out. Sometimes they're for just sitting around your bedroom glaring at your dead heater, though that isn't nearly as glamourous. 

For this outfit, I've paired a lovely faux fur coat from Chicwish with all black underneath and black suede pumps for an evening out appropriate look.


27 November 2014


For a little change of pace, I thought I would post a slightly more sophisticated look today. I've been in a bit of a strange place, style wise, of late. I had gotten tired of way I had been dressing, but I've not yet settled on a particular 'new look'. In the past, I likely would have gone all out with a dress like this, but lately I've been loving the 'dressed up but a little disheveled look'. There's certainly less effort to put into it. That's not to say that the effort isn't worth it if you love the end result, I've just gone off the 'trying to make everything perfect' look in recent months.

Now, onto the outfit itself! I paired a figure-hugging black dress by Ronny Kobo with a pair of black suede Matiko pumps. I added a skinny patent belt, but opted to forgo any other accessories (I like to keep things reasonably simple, as is probably already apparent).



Denim Jacket and Hoodie C/O SheInside | Jeans from Urban Behaviour | Boots from Payless

Keeping with the vibe of Tuesday's outfit post, another casual look. For this outfit, I paired up a denim jacket and hoodie from SheInside with black jeans and a pair of old lace-up boots that I've been hanging onto since I was sixteen. I have a bit of a difficult time letting go of shoes.

I never really thought I'd post a look featuring a hoodie. Then again, stranger things have happened this year.


25 November 2014


White T-Shirt C/O Shopbop | Jeans from Suzy Shier | Steve Madden Pumps

Seeing as this will be first of several upcoming outfit posts, I decided to begin by featuring a classic casual outfit. I paired a super simple white v-neck t-shirt by Petit Bateau with a pair of high waisted dark wash blue jeans from Suzy Shier and my old suede pumps. It may be a silly thing to get inspiration from, but I was feeling a bit inspired by the cover of one of my favourite records of 2014 -- Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey.

And since I've been leaning towards casual outfits the past few months for a myriad of reasons, I thought it would be appropriate to feature one of them on the blog!

And as a side note, I'd like to mention a sale at one of the shops I have been collaborating with on my blog the past few months. Shopbop is having their biggest sale of the year and it will be ongoing from today to 1 December at 11:59pm! No brand exclusions, free shipping, and free returns. A group purchase would be an ideal way to take part in the sale as the higher your total the better the savings, a good opportunity to get a bit of Christmas shopping in early or maybe just pick up something you've been eyeing up for a while! Find out more here.


22 November 2014

Get Ready With Me | Smokey Cat Eye and Nude Lips

Just posted a Get Ready With Me video for a smokey cat eye and nude lip look on my Youtube channel

Have a look, if you like! 


20 November 2014

Forever 21 Haul | Autumn 2014

I recently placed a little order from Forever 21 and decided to put together my first non-thrift haul. Just a few things that caught my eye while I was looking for a new skirt to replace an old one. 


09 November 2014

'My name is Audrey Horne and I get what I want'

A little Audrey Horne hair and makeup tutorial, anyone? X


25 October 2014

A little Halloween makeup...

Here is my first ever Halloween themed makeup tutorial. Hope you guys enjoy!

23 October 2014


Coat C/O SheInside | Libertines Shirt | High Waisted Trousers from Urban Behaviour | Steve Madden Pumps

Just another simple autumnal outfit! For this one, I paired a lovely camel coat from SheInside with a band t-shirt, high waisted black trousers, and my favourite old suede pumps. One of my favourite sorts of looks lately.


18 October 2014

Thrift Haul | Autumn 2014

Just a little video to share what I've picked up at my local thrift shops recently. X


Coat C/O Chicwish | Thrifted Blouse | Thrifted Jeans | Steve Madden Pumps

This look, while in a bit of a stark contrast to a lot of the looks I've posted recently, actually represents the sort of outfit I often wear on a daily basis. I do love dresses and skirts, but I've always felt a bit more comfortable in jeans (or some sort of trousers). Seeing as this woollen coat and these jeans don't lend themselves much to a very feminine look (and I don't like to go completely shapeless or covered up), I decided to contrast them with a lacy black blouse and a pair of classic heels. 


14 October 2014


Trench Coat C/O Chicwish | Top from Stitches | Thrifted Trousers | Matiko Pumps C/O Shopbop

I'm not entirely certain how to describe what sort of look I was going for with this outfit. It ended up a bit of a mish-mash, really. I had originally planned to style this red Chicwish coat with a pair of houndstooth leggings, but changed my mind upon seeing how that actually looked. Funny how sometimes things just look so much better in your head. I switched out the leggings for a pair of old thrifted trousers and opted for a cream sweater. And I wore a pair of suede Matiko pumps from Shopbop* and matched my lipstick to the trench. Not really worried about whether that last bit is a faux pas.

*Shopbop is currently (October 13th to 16th) having a 25% off promotion shop-wide, enter 'FAMILY 25' at the checkout!


11 October 2014

Simple, Sexy, 1960s

Following my Edie Sedgwick tutorial, I thought I'd put together a more wearable 1960s tutorial. 

This simple but sexy 1960s look was inspired by Italian actress Virna Lisi! X

10 October 2014

An Evening in Autumn

Bodysuit C/O Shopbop | Belt from Sirens | Skirt from Forever 21 | Matiko Pumps C/O Shopbop

When putting together this look, I had those Sex and the City cast photos in mind, where the ladies are wearing simple little black dresses and had decided to put together my interpretation of that sort of look! I paired a sleeveless bodysuit from Shopbop* with a bodycon skirt from Urban Behaviour. On their own, I felt the two pieces looked a bit unfinished so I popped on a skinny belt which I think tied them together a bit more nicely. I opted for a pair of vampy Matiko pumps and forewent any accessories to keep in line with my inspiration for this look. X

*Shopbop is having a promotion for 25% off all Calvin Klein intimate apparel until 13 October! I may finally have to go for one of these lovely bodysuits to add to my collection, love the lacey bits!

04 October 2014

Army Green in Autumn

I have a new beauty tutorial coming up, but in the meantime I thought I'd put together a quick OOTD video. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons for fashion, so I'm planning on doing a little series of these in the coming months!

I had wanted to film this outdoors but was rained out, unfortunately. Wearing a hat indoors always feels like bad form.


27 September 2014

Edie and Marilyn

I thought Saturday morning would be a decent time to share my latest little project. This makeup tutorial is my interpretation of Edie Sedgwick's trademark makeup look! I do love how Edie dressed and did her makeup.

And due to an issue with the backing track in the original, I had to reupload my Marilyn Monroe tutorial from July. Like Edie, Marilyn is one of my biggest style inspirations!


21 September 2014

Chiffon and Wool

Blouse from Stitches | Trousers C/O Shalex | Pumps from Aldo

 I set out to style this outfit around a pair of trousers from Shalex and after changing my top about a dozen times, I settled on an old white blouse with a black collar. For shoes, I opted for a pair of patent platform pumps. I'm not usually one to pair loose fitting trousers with a loose fitting top, but I felt that they suited one another somehow and that the texture and weight of woollen trousers and sheer blouse contrasted each other nicely.


20 September 2014

You're still no better than before

Vintage Suede Jacket | Request Mock Neck Sweater | Bodycon Skirt from Sirens | Secret Tights | Commando Thigh Highs C/O Shopbop | Steve Madden Pumps

I love thigh highs but often find them a bit difficult to style without feeling that I look either too much like a schoolgirl or too trashy (a little trashy is fine, but I've always found there to be a line). Putting this look together, I was going for a bit of a retro rock n' roll vibe, however I think I might have ended up bordering on a Pretty Woman vibe instead...

I layered the thigh highs over sheer black tights and paired them with a loose-fitting mock neck sweater, bodycon skirt, and vintage suede jacket. In order to feel less drowned by my hair and the loose fitting sweater/jacket combination, I put it in a messy updo and, for shoes, I opted for classic black pumps. 

I also did a little OOTD video for this look that I posted earlier this week to my Youtube channel!