31 March 2014

On the move...

Coat C/O SheInside | Cardigan from Sirens | Thrifted Jeans | Heels from Ardene

Here's another quick outfit post for a casual sort of look! For this outfit, I took a bit of inspiration from Kate Moss (whose personal style I have adored for years!). I dug out my old high waisted jeans and paired them with a cream coloured cardigan and a beautiful army green coat from SheInside and black pumps.

In other news, I've moved house and am working on getting everything sorted and unpacked as there are boxes and bags that are all over the bloody place. Slowly getting there.


25 March 2014

Fashion Favourites | Spring 2014

Even though the weather is still slightly less than ideal, I've had spring and summer fashion on my mind. I recently sorted through my old out-of-season things while packing in the attic and have been trying to suss out how I'd like to dress this spring and summer. Above are a few of my favourite bits from Chicwish!

For starters, I adore this blue midi skirt. It's lovely and feminine, but still not too girlish for my liking. And while I'm quite picky about florals -- they shouldn't be too girly or grandmotherly -- I'm loving this dark floral dress.


24 March 2014

Lady in Red

Dress C/O TBDress | Belt from Sirens | Steve Madden Pumps

I've realised that this blog, of late, has become very outfit-post-centric. This is mostly due to the fact that I've been getting ready to move house and have, to say the least, other things on my mind. But I'm hoping to get in a little more variety once I've moved and settled in. Until then, I have at least two more outfit posts upcoming, this being one of them!

I wrote a little while ago about how I was going to make a point to wear more skirts and dresses in 2014 -- I'm wearing a navy and white dotted mini skirt for the first time in ages as I write this! Most of my spring and summer dresses are several years old -- I've tended to gravitate towards autumn/winter styles more so and not shop much in the spring and summer. So, I've been keeping an eye out for a couple of new ones that look more like something someone my age would wear and less like something I would've worn at fifteen -- although there is a place for a few of those old ones, as well. When I came across this pretty little red dress, it somehow reminded me a bit of Kate Middleton (whose style I've admired for years!). I had originally planned to pair it with a vintage red belt and red pumps but ultimately felt it was too much red -- life isn't a Liberal Party convention. Instead, I opted for my black belt and pumps that have been seen here probably dozens of times at this point.


19 March 2014

Burgundy & Cream

Top from Sirens | Skirt C/O TBDress | Belt from Sirens | Steve Madden Pumps

I've been meaning to do something about the lack of variety in my posts lately, particularly the outfit posts, and figured it was about bloody time I did something about it! Always posting photos taken in front of my bedroom door was feeling a bit stale, so I decided try something a little different this time. 

As for this outfit, I paired an old cream coloured sweater with a lovely fitted burgundy skirt from TBDress and classic pumps! The top is actually the same one as in these outfit photos, except I wore it backwards here. I actually do this quite often, I just carefully remove the tag I don't think it looks half bad, from the front or back view. I'm not the only one who does this, right?


06 March 2014

Back To Black


Coat C/O Sammy Dress | Blouse from Suzy Shier | Skirt from Forever 21 | Steve Madden Pumps

By now, it’s no surprise that I have a, shall we say, certain appreciation for black clothing. And not just in the dreay winter months. With spring just around the corner, I’ve not felt compelled to weed out the black in favour of florals quite yet. After all, I do recall several all-black outfits that I tossed together last summer. They were some of my favourites, actually, which is probably why I remember them!

I think one of the main reasons that I tend to be drawn to black is it’s versatility. It can be laidback or glamourous, classic or sexy, mysterious or rock ‘n roll, or a combination of the lot.

For this particular look, I decided to go with a classic glamourous option! I paired a simple pencil skirt from Forever 21 with a draped blouse from Suzy Shier for a classic (and very comfortable) outfit! As for outerwear, I opted for this gorgeous vintage inspired coat with a faux fur collar from Sammy Dress and my favourite pumps.


24 February 2014

Sophia Loren and Glitter

I was asked recently if I could do a Sophia Loren inspired makeup tutorial and so here is the finished product!

I based this makeup off this look. It's not quite as dramatic, but I think it turned out well enough!

I was also asked about making a tutorial for a glittery eye makeup look, which I had posted last month.

Hope you like how they turned out!


13 February 2014

Grey Winter

 Coat C/O SheInside | Top from Stitches | Skirt from eBay | Secret Tights | Steve Madden Pumps

I've not been too keen on many of the '90s influenced looks that have been trending of late, but I do make some exceptions for '90s minimalism. This look isn't entirely inspired by it, but it was in my mind when I tossed this outfit together. Quickly changing gears from the bright colours that I went with in my last outfit post, I opted for a simple all black outfit under a grey coat from SheInside. Occasionally, I manage to pull together a look that just feels completely right somehow and, rather happily, this happened to be one of those times!

12 February 2014

Red & Blue

Top C/O JollyChic | Thrifted Skirt | Heels from Forever 21 | Belt from Sirens | Vintage Beret

I used to wear '50s inspired outfits quite often, so I felt it might be time to play around with a '50s influenced aesthetic again! That's what I had in mind when piecing together this look, featuring an off the shoulder top from JollyChic, a thrifted skirt (which I altered to fit), a simple belt, my old woollen beret, and heels from Forever 21's 2012 Boxing Day sale.


04 February 2014

And All That Jazz...

Dress C/O Jolly Chic | Tights from ASOS | Heels from Urban Behaviour | Necklace from Icing

I mentioned a few posts ago about a little photoshoot I had done and here are the results! Also, I think I should clarify, so as to avoid any confusion, these are definitely not outfit photos! I may be a bit out there, but not quite this much! My main inspiration for this look came from Chicago and Burlesque, and my life long love of showgirl costumes!


29 January 2014

We're both convicted criminals of thought

Dress C/O JollyChic | Belt from Sirens | Vintage Bag | Heels from Aldo

Continuing on the theme of my last outfit post, another little black dress look! This time, I went for a slightly more demure look by forgoing the net tights, but probably ended up counteracting this by wearing gold glitter eyeshadow. Damn. Maybe the ability to pull together a properly demure look just isn't in me quite yet. I've been trying to stop wearing the same heels in every outfit post and, although I haven't been entirely successful in this yet, I decided on an older pair of patent pumps from Aldo. And despite never really having been for it, I properly matched my shoes and bag -- I think it may be a first.


28 January 2014

The city's hard, the city's fair

 Vintage Beret | Dress C/O JollyChic | Belt from Sirens | Vintage Bag | Fishnets | Steve Madden Heels

Little black dresses are, in my opinion, one of fashion's best staples. At first, I'd paired mine with a pair of black tights but opted to change them out for fishnets at the last minute. I understand how much so many people dislike them, but truth be told, they're one of my guilty fashion pleasures! On a whim, I brought them out and layered them over sheer tights for extra warmth -- it is still January, after all. Otherwise, I opted for simple accessories in the form of a vintage beret and bag and my favourite pumps.


23 January 2014

2014 | January 16th - 23rd

Thursday, January 16th

Walked past a garage this afternoon, from which was blaring All You Need is Love, and inside a couple having it out. Struck me as just a little bit ironic.

Friday, January 17th

Brought out the glitter. Again.

Saturday, January 18th

Stayed in due to a sore throat and what felt like the beginnings of a cold and did a fun little photoshoot. The photo below is a sneak peak of the dress. Will post the results soon!

Sunday, January 19th

 Posted a new tag video, as was requested recently!

 Monday, January 20th

Was browsing ASOS, as per usual, and snagged an amazing little dress for under $20! Couldn't resist.


Tuesday, January 21st

I ordered a NYX palette a couple of weeks ago that I'd had my eye on for ages. NYX's Boheme Chic is a collection of matte eyeshadows and two matte blushers. Matte is my favourite finish for eyeshadow -- has been since I first gave it a go in 2012 -- so I couldn't resist when I found it on sale on eBay!
 Wednesday, January 22nd

I posted a little clip of a cover of one of my favourite songs on my Youtube channel. Thank you to everyone for the feedback!

Thursday, January 23rd

I was asked if I could do a Sophia Loren inspired makeup tutorial video and am planning to film one tomorrow. I've decided to base it off the look below. I always try my best to recreate the looks I've done tutorials on and hope I can do justice to Sophia's beautifully applied makeup!


21 January 2014

I live for glitter, not you

At Christmas, I was given a little set of MAC pigments and glitter (this one, to be specific) by my lovely mum. And even though Christmas and New Years is long past, I've been indulging a bit in some delightfully over-the-top eye looks. Who made the rule that states you have to pack up the glitter and sequins for another 11 months just because the holiday season is over, anyway?


20 January 2014

Winter - The Rolling Stones

 Coat C/O Persunmall | Top from Sirens | Jeans from Suzy Shier | Purse from Thrift Shop | Steve Madden Heels

From time to time, winter can feel like a real drag on your personal style. It's not necessarily snowy, seeing as I reside in Victoria, but it's still cold, rainy, foggy, and occasionally quite windy. I've been making a concerted effort this winter to not let the dreary weather get to me and have been having a surprising amount of success thus far! I have a few neglected coats from years past which I've brought out and have been trying some different hat/scarf combinations and whatnot. I also recently got this lovely coat from Persunmall, it's quite different to what I'd typically go for -- patterned and leather sleeved -- but every now and then I feel the need to try something a bit different. I styled it with otherwise simple pieces, so as to let it take centre stage, and created a very slightly '90s inspired look!


19 January 2014

Leather & Stripes

Here's a new OOTD video I mentioned a little while ago and have been meaning to post for ages!



15 January 2014

2014 | January 8th - 15th

Thursday, January 9th

Did more packing and sorting and packing and sorting in the attic. Came across some neat old things, such as old photos, an old $2 bill, and a pack of pink playing cards. But I found even more complete junk. Which makes me ask myself: why have I held onto many useless things?

Friday, January 10th

Brought out my darkest lipstick, MAC's Diva. I've been trying to experiment with my different colours and not always just wear red.

Saturday, January 11th

Another experimental thing -- pink glittery nails. I actually loved how these ended up looking! I used Sally Hansen's Satin and an old Katy Perry OPI polish called Teenage Dream. The ring is an old costume jewellery ring of my grandmum's.

Monday, January 12th

Photographed an outfit and contacted an enrolment advisor from one of the universities with some questions about enrolment. Furthering my education is something I've had on my mind since leaving school, but I was never sure what to pursue and kept deferring any further thought about it. In the past months, I've slowly been etching out a bit of a proper plan and obtaining some information to help me along the way to getting this sorted out.

Tuesday, January 13th

A few of the bits I ordered after Christmas arrived. Including my Real Techniques brow/lash brush, a new bottle of white foundation, and a lovely little set from ASOS. I also filmed a tag video, which should be up within the next week or so.



Wednesday, January 15th

I touched on it a bit in a post on Tumblr, that I've been practising my singing a bit. This is one of the clips I mentioned, it's just a tiny snippet of a silly cover of Lullaby of Birdland (in the style of Sarah Vaughan).

So, that's week two. I was thinking about it today and I think there may be a better way to do this. This post and the first one, I wrote them out entirely on the day I posted them. I think that they may turn out better if I write a bit for each day on the day. I think that's what I'll try for week three.

Until next time.


13 January 2014


Seeing as it's winter, I thought I'd bring out my darkest lipstick. MAC's Diva is an intensely pigmented matte lipstick, which I wrote a review on last winter. I normally only wear dark lipsticks in the autumn and winter, I've always felt they're more suited to the seasons of cold weather and short days. But maybe I should be more adventurous.