06 February 2016


Knit Sweater C/O SheIn | Thrifted Belt | Bell Bottom Jeans by Blank Denim C/O Shopbop | Thrifted Cowboy Boots

Ordering ‘one size’ clothing online can always be a bit of a gamble. It may fit perfectly. It may fit your 8-year-old niece perfectly. It may fit you similarly to how a potato sack would. For me, the latter rings true this time. Still, nothing a belt can’t sort out. To create a more feminine shape, I chose a leather belt that I bought at a thrift shop ages ago. It’s one of my favourites; it goes with just about anything, from jeans to pencil skirts to sundresses.
 To balance the oversized sweater, I opted to pair it with bell bottom jeans. I felt it would look too top heavy if paired with tight, tapered jeans. And, as I’ve mentioned previously, I love a good pair of bell bottoms anyway.

Finally, I wore the pair of slightly tatty cowboy boots I picked up last September at a thrift shop near where I’m living. I haven’t been in for a while and have been wanting to pop in to have a look. It’s one of those neat, slightly hidden away little thrift shops. Behind a church and only open a few days a week. In those ones especially, you can find the most interesting things.

31 January 2016


Free People Paisley Blouse C/O Shopbop | Suzy Shier Jeans | Viva Flats

While I can be a little picky when it comes to prints and patterns, I love the muted colours and paisley print of this Free People blouse. To me, it has a lovely laid back, almost bohemian feel to it. In keeping with that laid back vibe, I decided to pair it with tapered blue jeans. Absolutely shocking, isn't that? I had bell bottoms on to start with, but decided I wanted to go with something a little more form fitting.

Still, for a more chic look, I would pair it with classic black jeans (just super plain ones like this pair by Blank Denim). Alternatively, for a more colourful and retro look, perhaps a pair of trousers like these corduroy bell bottoms by Rag & Bone. Loving that shade of burgundy. I’ve actually got my eye on those. Although, I do realise that they may look a little out of place as spring comes on. Then again, I don’t really believe in following rules when it comes to style. I think, more than anything else, style is about what you personally like.

In true form, I didn’t really bother with accessories. And for shoes, I went with my well worn and well loved leather flats. Even after years, I still find that they seem to go with almost everything. What ever will I do when they finally come apart in a way that can’t just be fixed with epoxy…

Fashion Favourites | January 2016

10 January 2016


There’s not all that much to write about a look like this one. It's the kind of outfit I wear most days. Casual and comfortable, but not completely boring. That's what I tend to go for.

I paired a black lattice lace-up bodysuit with my oldest favourite jeans. I think I’ve mentioned them before, and the state they’re in. I should really just retire them. In reality, I’ll probably wear them until the fabric gives, being it’s what happened to my last favourite pair. I haven’t gotten my money out of jeans until I’ve accidentally ripped off and resewn the belt loops a few times and the fabric on the bum is about as thin as cheesecloth.

But enough about my raggedy, tatty jeans, the bodysuit! I love the retro feel of this bodysuit. I've been seeing lattice tops everywhere recently, so I'm assuming they're definitely A Thing at the moment. I don't really follows trends, but I certainly don't complain when something I like becomes readily available in all different colours and kinds...

While I was taking the photos for this post, my bedroom being cold as it ever is, it seemed like an idea to throw on my faux fur coat from last winter. I love faux fur coats, but I do sometimes feel they can look a little ostentatious. I think I’ve worn this one around the house to keep warm this winter more than anywhere else. Ostentatious or not, faux fur definitely works well for that.


05 January 2016

Sunday at 9

Bra by Agent Provocateur C/O Shopbop | Skirt from Thrift Shop

It's just like me to pair an Agent Provocateur bra with a $1 satin skirt from a thrift shop. 

You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. Something like that.


30 December 2015

'I don't wear pink'

Coat C/O DressLink | Bodysuit by Marilyn Monroe Intimates | Tights by Secret 


29 December 2015

Fashion Favourites | New Years Eve 2015

Deux Lux Glitter Clutch | Santi Flower Clutch | Santi Beaded Clutch | Rebecca Minkoff Glitter Clutch

Today is December 29th and I still haven't worked out what to wear on New Years Eve. It used to be that I'd always have a certain outfit picked out for any significant upcoming holidays and events. These days, I tend to leave it to the last minute. Very little pre-planning and fussing about. For Christmas this year, I paired my favourite and slightly raggedy blue jeans with a nice blouse. The thought of slipping into a sequinned mini dress, which would require readjustment every single time I stood up or sat down, seemed entirely unappealing.

New Years Eve, though. I think something glittery or sequinned is in order. A dress, a blouse, maybe that weird pair of sequinned leggings that I never wear and have had since I was a teenager but refuse to get rid of? Glittered heels? Sequinned blazer? Maybe put it all together and go for the 'disco ball' look? We'll see...

P. S. Shopbop is currently offering an extra 25% off all sale items with the code 'EXTRAEXTRA'. Promotion ends at 11:59pm on December 31st. Click here for more information.


21 December 2015


Dress C/O DressLink | Leather Jacket from Winners | Secret Tights | Steve Madden Pumps


17 December 2015

06 December 2015


Faux Suede Jacket C/O SheIn | Black Turtleneck C/O Shopbop | Jeans from Suzy Shier | Steve Madden Pumps

24 November 2015

Fashion Favourites | Shoes | Winter 2015

Glitter, suede, and leather. That's something for everyone, I think. Unless you're like me, in which case all three are equally appealing. With the holidays quickly approaching, I've been gathering together a few ideas for holiday looks. Doing a bit of online window shopping. Looking through my closet to see what I've got to work with. Even considering wearing a dress on Christmas this year. But let's not get too carried away. 

And with the holidays being not far away now, it's that time of year again for Shopbop's holiday sale! It began this morning at 4am PST and runs until November 30th at 11.59pm. This sale is ideal for group purchases, as higher totals equal better savings. Click here to find out more.


12 November 2015

Outfit | Bell Bottom Blues

Faux Fur Coat C/O Chicwish | Blouse from Suzy Shier | Bell Bottom Jeans C/O Shopbop | Thrifted Cowboy Boots

Since skinny jeans made a comeback years ago, I had worn them almost exclusively. Until earlier this year, that is. I've been broadening my horizons. Although, that seems more than a little silly to say when we're talking about something as superficial as what kind of jeans to wear. Still, last summer I started with a pair of low rise flared jeans from a Sidney thrift shop that cost me $1. Now, as the weather gets colder, I've been favouring this pair of dark wash Blank Denim high waisted jeans.

For this look, I paired them with a lightweight blouse from Suzy Shier and an old pair of cowboy boots I bought from a nearby thrift shop. The faux fur coat is from Chicwish's A/W line last year.


30 October 2015


Fringe Jacket C/O SheIn | Top from Suzy Shier | Mini Skirt from Forever 21 | Secret Tights | Steve Madden Pumps

13 October 2015

Outfit | Take Two

Fringed Poncho C/O Shopbop | Turtleneck C/O Shopbop | Mini Skirt from Forever 21 | Secret Tights | Steve Madden Pumps

I had the 1960s in mind when I was putting this outfit together, so I opted for a classic black turtleneck paired with a black mini skirt and black tights and heels. The fringed poncho is the same one featured in last week's outfit post. I've really been loving it lately, especially because where I live is quite cold and it's brilliant for just wearing round the house, as well as out and about. Just a really simple and classic kind of look. And quite comfortable, as well! 

P.S. One of the online shops I collaborate with on Life In Red Lipstick, Shopbop, is having their annual Family & Friends Event. Use the code 'INTHEFAM25' for 25% all orders. The sale runs until 11.55pm PDT on Thursday 15 October. You can find out more here.


04 October 2015

Outfit | On The Fringes

I vaguely remember ponchos being stylish when I was a kid. I had a light pink one from La Senza Girl. I hadn't owned one since until I bought a grey woollen one at a thrift shop last year. However, it's not yet left the closet.

The difference between that poncho and this camel poncho is weight and colour. The lightweight fabric creates more movement and feels less blankety. And the solid camel colour lends to a more chic look than grey wool fabric tends to do.

When wearing something very unstructured, I always like to pair it with something fitted. I don't like to feel swallowed up, so to speak, by drapey fabric. So I paired this poncho with black skinny jeans.

For accessories and shoes, I wore a pair of cheap gold hoops and my beloved fringed boots from last winter. It may be a faux pas to wear two fringed things at once, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure I really care.


21 September 2015

19 September 2015

15 September 2015

Outfit | Early Autumn


re:named Trench Coat C/O Shopbop | Sweater from Sirens | Jeans from Suzy Shier | Boots from Payless

Sometimes you like an outfit so much that you wear it two days in a row. That's my excuse. Sometimes you just didn't bring anything else and suddenly Saturday is Sunday. That's a little closer to the truth. Not to get sidetracked...

For the past year or so, I've had a minor obsession with suede. It all began innocently last year with a vintage suede jacket. Flash forward to present day, and in addition to the coat featured in this post and the bra-top in the last one, I've been eyeing a fringed microsuede brown jacket. Trying to resist. I should note, however, I've been having little luck resisting temptation to do the it'd-be-fun-but-I-probably-shouldn't things lately. It does make life a little more fun, to be fair.

While browsing Shopbop's coats and jacket section recently, I spotted this lovely re:named microsuede trenchcoat. It immediately reminded me of those gorgeous trenchcoats from 60s and 70s. And it was suede, in a beautiful autumnal shade of camel. Very tempting, indeed.

 I've always thought that camel goes nicely with other classic colours. Black, white, cream, blue denim, and so on. And I've always particularly loved how cream and camel look together, so I opted for a cream sweater. In reality, it's a cardigan worn the wrong way round. It works with some cardigans, some not. Mostly depends on the cut and style.  

Now what to pair with these two pieces... for a moment, flared jeans seemed like a good idea. Then I remembered the damp grass and mud. Jeans that wouldn't drag on the ground suddenly seemed the better choice. To complete this casual look, I chose a pair of lace-up boots that I've been hanging onto since sometime in 2009. 

I had a casual, slightly retro look in mind. I chose the trench and sweater to add a bit of a 60s vibe and chose the skinny jeans and lace-up boots to add a more modern touch. I'm not sure whether it came through properly, but I was thinking something along the lines of 'If Kate Moss Lived in the 1960s'.

Finally, a big thank you to my friend Dave for shooting the photos seen here.