04 October 2015

Outfit | On The Fringes

I vaguely remember ponchos being stylish when I was a kid. I had a light pink one from La Senza Girl. I hadn't owned one since until I bought a grey woollen one at a thrift shop last year. However, it's not yet left the closet.

The difference between that poncho and this camel poncho is weight and colour. The lightweight fabric creates more movement and feels less blankety. And the solid camel colour lends to a more chic look than grey wool fabric tends to do.

When wearing something very unstructured, I always like to pair it with something fitted. I don't like to feel swallowed up, so to speak, by drapey fabric. So I paired this poncho with black skinny jeans.

For accessories and shoes, I wore a pair of cheap gold hoops and my beloved fringed boots from last winter. It may be a faux pas to wear two fringed things at once, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure I really care.


21 September 2015

19 September 2015

15 September 2015

Outfit | Early Autumn


re:named Trench Coat C/O Shopbop | Sweater from Sirens | Jeans from Suzy Shier | Boots from Payless

Sometimes you like an outfit so much that you wear it two days in a row. That's my excuse. Sometimes you just didn't bring anything else and suddenly Saturday is Sunday. That's a little closer to the truth. Not to get sidetracked...

For the past year or so, I've had a minor obsession with suede. It all began innocently last year with a vintage suede jacket. Flash forward to present day, and in addition to the coat featured in this post and the bra-top in the last one, I've been eyeing a fringed microsuede brown jacket. Trying to resist. I should note, however, I've been having little luck resisting temptation to do the it'd-be-fun-but-I-probably-shouldn't things lately. It does make life a little more fun, to be fair.

While browsing Shopbop's coats and jacket section recently, I spotted this lovely re:named microsuede trenchcoat. It immediately reminded me of those gorgeous trenchcoats from 60s and 70s. And it was suede, in a beautiful autumnal shade of camel. Very tempting, indeed.

 I've always thought that camel goes nicely with other classic colours. Black, white, cream, blue denim, and so on. And I've always particularly loved how cream and camel look together, so I opted for a cream sweater. In reality, it's a cardigan worn the wrong way round. It works with some cardigans, some not. Mostly depends on the cut and style.  

Now what to pair with these two pieces... for a moment, flared jeans seemed like a good idea. Then I remembered the damp grass and mud. Jeans that wouldn't drag on the ground suddenly seemed the better choice. To complete this casual look, I chose a pair of lace-up boots that I've been hanging onto since sometime in 2009. 

I had a casual, slightly retro look in mind. I chose the trench and sweater to add a bit of a 60s vibe and chose the skinny jeans and lace-up boots to add a more modern touch. I'm not sure whether it came through properly, but I was thinking something along the lines of 'If Kate Moss Lived in the 1960s'.

Finally, a big thank you to my friend Dave for shooting the photos seen here.


07 September 2015

Outfit | Suede and Denim

Vintage Jean Jacket | Faux Suede Bra Top C/O SheIn | Black Jeans from Sirens | Steve Madden Pumps

Well it's certainly been a while, hasn't it? It seems hard to believe summer is, for all intents and purposes, over. I feel like it flew by before I even really had a chance to think about it. Fragmented by packing, moving, unpacking, and getting settled in to a new place, I almost feel like I missed it. Although, my fading tan lines inform me otherwise...

 Moving on, this look was styled around a faux suede fringed bra-top from SheIn. Ordering it on a warm summery day, I hadn't considered how the weather may shift by the time it arrived in the postbox. Picking up the package on one in a string of several cool, rainy days, I realised my minor screw up. I abandoned the summery, slightly beachy look I had in mind to go for something a little more seasonally appropriate.

I wanted to pair the top with high waisted blue jeans, but something about how the bottom of the fringe hit the waist of the jeans created a very unflattering box-like silhouette. 'Low rise jeans, it is then', I thought and grabbed an old pair of black jeans. Not surprisingly, ten pounds gone later, they didn't fit quite how I remembered. For a moment I considered wearing a belt, but quickly decided I didn't need or want to wear one. I tossed on an old jean jacket to keep the look casual, but probably wound up negating the casual vibe by wearing heels, even though they're not particularly nice ones. They're old and battered and gave me four blisters when I (stupidly) wore them to a car show in Sidney late last month. In my defence, I had worn them countless times before without any trouble. Thought I was in the clear, was not, paid the price of only being able to wear thongs for days. Such is life.

So, that's my first little outfit post since moving house done and dusted! It's quite different from the first look I posted after moving last year but it also feels a bit more like 'me', if that makes any sense at all. I've got a few ideas for new posts in mind, so I'm hoping to be a little more consistent when it comes to this blog. I'd really like to be. And I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who keeps coming back and has stuck with me through all my little 'disappearances'. I hope you've all had a lovely long weekend.


23 July 2015

Outfit | Summer Denim

Thrifted Blouse | Skirt C/O SheIn

Back after a little absence with a simple, casual look. I've had a few things on my mind and occupying my hands, but we'll get to that in a minute. 

I bought this patterned blouse from a thrift shop a few months ago, and while it may not be made up of very summery colours, it's lovely and lightweight. Great for cool summer days, but will definitely need to layer something underneath it during the colder months. The skirt is from SheIn and is the first denim skirt I've had since I was in school. This one, however, is far nicer than any I had as a teenager. Anyone else recall those early and mid 2000s denim skirts with patches and embellishments and frayed hems and pleats and ugh??? Let's never go back there.

As for what's been on my mind -- I'm moving house at the end of July so I've been a little... distracted. All I will say is that it's been an interesting sixteen months here and sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.


11 June 2015

Crossing Lines

Bodysuit C/O Shopbop | Thrifted Leather Belt | Fishnet Tights from ASOS

If you happen to follow my Instagram, it may not be entirely surprising for me to admit I've become slightly obsessed with fishnet tights. Truthfully though, they've always been one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to fashion. Not being very keen on many of the ways they've been styled in recent times, I tend to gravitate towards how they were styled in 50s and 60s. Think Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, rather than 80s music video girls. And to be fair, I haven't incorporated them into many outfits suitable for wear out and about. Working on it, though.

Paired with a jersey bodysuit from Shopbop and a vintage leather belt, I was trying for a retro dance-class vibe here. And what's more simple than a sleeveless black bodysuit? This one is a little loose around the waist, hence the belt, but that's hardly a negative. In my opinion, it makes it much more flattering than if it were skin tight, especially when paired with a form-fitting skirt or high waisted jeans for everyday wear.


27 May 2015

18 May 2015

09 May 2015

22 April 2015

Outfit | Black, White, and Grey

Hat C/O NastyDress | Leg Avenue Bodysuit | Thrifted Belt | Skirt from Forever 21 | Steve Madden Pumps