Monday's FOTD

On Monday, I tried a slightly new way of doing my eye makeup and took a few photos, and now realise that you can't really notice any difference in these photos! I changed up my eye routine a bit by applying a bit of black eyeshadow under my eyeliner, so there was just a small, slightly smokey line above the liner. It softened up the harsh line a bit and thought it looked quite nice, perhaps I'll have to do it again and get some proper photos!

Also, I'm in the process of finding some new false eyelashes. I bought a wonderful pair from Forever 21 a while ago and started wearing them recently and absolutely wore them to death. Unfortunately, they seem to have been a one off as F21 hasn't any false eyelashes on their website at the moment, at all. I've been searching eBay, and have found a few pairs that look similar -- now to just decide on what pair actually looks the best!

I have an OOTD post coming up later on today, stay tuned!



  1. Your just too pretty...
    Loving your blog, keep it going sweets.
    Bisous xx