Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart - Review

I've heard so many good things about these new Revlon Lip Butters, so I decided I'd like to give one a go. I bought the shade called Sweet Tart and I have to say that I absolutely love it. It's quite pigmented, and feels lovely on -- not drying at all! Sweet Tart is a lovely shade of bright pink, but these lipsticks come in many different, pretty shades. You can find swatches here of all the colours on one of my go-to beauty blogs! As an aside, my mum has Strawberry Shortcake, which is a lighter shade of pink and slightly more sheer, but still very pretty.

My only grievance with this product is that it does wear off after a few hours if you're eating or drinking. That said, reapplying occasionally doesn't bother me, so this isn't a problem. The tube itself is similar to MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks, and I have to say that I actually really love the packaging of these lipsticks. I think it's really quite neat how the casing of the lipstick matches the shade of the lipstick itself, rather than having all the colours in the same standard black casing. One other thing, all the lipsticks from the collection have dessert themed names, and smell lovely and slightly like sweets!


30 Minute Love Affair

Even though it's June, it's so cold here you still need a coat most days. I bought my trench for $7 at a thrift shop last autumn and absolutely love it. And it's fairly lightweight, so it's not too warm, but it's loose enough to wear a cardigan underneath if I need to. Perfect for Victoria weather!

Also, in one of my recent posts I mentioned the new pair of heels I bought at Ardene for $19, and these are them! They're incredibly good quality for being so cheap, adore them!

Sunglasses - Claire's
Earrings - Aldo
Trench Coat - Thrift Shop
Bodysuit - eBay
Cropped Jeans - Forever 21
Heels - Ardene


Monday's FOTD

On Monday, I tried a slightly new way of doing my eye makeup and took a few photos, and now realise that you can't really notice any difference in these photos! I changed up my eye routine a bit by applying a bit of black eyeshadow under my eyeliner, so there was just a small, slightly smokey line above the liner. It softened up the harsh line a bit and thought it looked quite nice, perhaps I'll have to do it again and get some proper photos!

Also, I'm in the process of finding some new false eyelashes. I bought a wonderful pair from Forever 21 a while ago and started wearing them recently and absolutely wore them to death. Unfortunately, they seem to have been a one off as F21 hasn't any false eyelashes on their website at the moment, at all. I've been searching eBay, and have found a few pairs that look similar -- now to just decide on what pair actually looks the best!

I have an OOTD post coming up later on today, stay tuned!


She's a Killer Queen

This is my outfit from yesterday.

My fave black cardigan, high waist jeans, and pointed toe heels. I absolutely love these heels paired with calf length pants!

Unfortunately, the heels are killer to wear -- as they're a tad too big in size and not great quality. But I've found a fab pair that are incredibly similar, except they're faux leather, rather than faux suede, for $19.50 at Ardene. Perhaps I'll post a few pictures, if you guys want to see them!


Springtime ♡

Here are a few recent photos around the property this spring. Promise I'll get back to posting regularly soon!