23 January 2014

2014 | January 16th - 23rd

Thursday, January 16th

Walked past a garage this afternoon, from which was blaring All You Need is Love, and inside a couple having it out. Struck me as just a little bit ironic.

Friday, January 17th

Brought out the glitter. Again.

Saturday, January 18th

Stayed in due to a sore throat and what felt like the beginnings of a cold and did a fun little photoshoot. The photo below is a sneak peak of the dress. Will post the results soon!

Sunday, January 19th

 Posted a new tag video, as was requested recently!

 Monday, January 20th

Was browsing ASOS, as per usual, and snagged an amazing little dress for under $20! Couldn't resist.


Tuesday, January 21st

I ordered a NYX palette a couple of weeks ago that I'd had my eye on for ages. NYX's Boheme Chic is a collection of matte eyeshadows and two matte blushers. Matte is my favourite finish for eyeshadow -- has been since I first gave it a go in 2012 -- so I couldn't resist when I found it on sale on eBay!
 Wednesday, January 22nd

I posted a little clip of a cover of one of my favourite songs on my Youtube channel. Thank you to everyone for the feedback!

Thursday, January 23rd

I was asked if I could do a Sophia Loren inspired makeup tutorial video and am planning to film one tomorrow. I've decided to base it off the look below. I always try my best to recreate the looks I've done tutorials on and hope I can do justice to Sophia's beautifully applied makeup!


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