06 March 2014

Back To Black


Coat C/O Sammy Dress | Blouse from Suzy Shier | Skirt from Forever 21 | Steve Madden Pumps

By now, it’s no surprise that I have a, shall we say, certain appreciation for black clothing. And not just in the dreay winter months. With spring just around the corner, I’ve not felt compelled to weed out the black in favour of florals quite yet. After all, I do recall several all-black outfits that I tossed together last summer. They were some of my favourites, actually, which is probably why I remember them!

I think one of the main reasons that I tend to be drawn to black is it’s versatility. It can be laidback or glamourous, classic or sexy, mysterious or rock ‘n roll, or a combination of the lot.

For this particular look, I decided to go with a classic glamourous option! I paired a simple pencil skirt from Forever 21 with a draped blouse from Suzy Shier for a classic (and very comfortable) outfit! As for outerwear, I opted for this gorgeous vintage inspired coat with a faux fur collar from Sammy Dress and my favourite pumps.



  1. amazing outfit. I wear black all year round, but I've been trying to branch out and wear more colorful clothes. I have not been successful. haha and that coat is absolutely gorgeous!