24 June 2014

Velvet and Tulle

Dress C/O Chicwish | Steve Madden Pumps

Unlike the dress in my last evening wear post, I've not yet had a chance to wear this dress outside of my house. Well, except for the time spent running around out in my garden one evening trying to convince my cat to come in for the night. The things my neighbours have seen and heard. Having lived in the countryside for years, I'm not entirely used to having next door neighbours and have somewhat carelessly continued to behave as though I still haven't. That aside, a girlfriend jokingly asked upon seeing this dress whether it made me feel like a princess. A princess with a massive unexplained bruise on her thigh, maybe.

This is the first in a series of two evening wear posts in collaboration with Chicwish.


  1. Aww, you look like a princess ^^

  2. I have to agree with your friend, you look like you walked straight out of a fairy tale. xx

  3. that disney princess dress looks like something I would love to wear to prom if i had the chance! or even a wedding

  4. You are ridiculously beautiful! Love the lipstick.


  5. Beautiful dress! you look gorgeous head to toe!
    xx Ayesha


  6. Oh my god, this is so so pretty